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Jay Billy is an elementary principal in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Jay received his master's degree in educational leadership from The College of New Jersey in 1997. He first served as supervisor of behavior at the high school before moving to principal of the Joseph Cappello School in 2000. He has worked for Lawrence Township Public Schools since 2007. He maintains his passion for leading and learning and innovative practices inside schools and classrooms by reading and working with his colleagues. Jay is passionate about making school and learning fun and engaging for everyone in the community, including Teachers, Students, and Families. He received the 2016 Exemplary Educator award from the New Jersey Dept. of Education. Jay is active on Twitter @JayBilly2, and you can often find him in his office dreaming of making school amazing and doing school differently. DisruptED TV Links: Website: www.disrupt-edtv.com AFT: sharemylesson.com/partner/disrupted-tv-disruptedu Twitch: twitch.tv/videos/261347819 Twitter: @DisruptedTv LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/disrupt-edtv116911150 Facebook: facebook.com/disruptedtv/ Instagram: instagram.com/disruptedtv Vimeo: vimeo.com/239486480/3aed6e40cf Subscribe: youtube.com/c/DisruptEDTV DisruptED Magazine: medium.com/@richard.allen Daily Motion: dailymotion.com/DisruptEDTV/videos