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Erik Schäfer. Dancer/model known for Breakdance/B-Boying with contemporary influences. Mail: erik.schaefer@outlook.com IG: @movemint.ssc ___ Song: Aesop Rock - Mystery Fish Video Edit: Me ___ Video footage: LFK Media Awards 2016 by Yambo @jgonzalez_photo Fusion Battle | by @asphaltkultur @tonie_slc 2018 HHPC x Battle of the Year 2018 | by Alex Tu Porsche Cayenne E3 World Premiere Adidas Jersey Reveal - German national soccer team VfB Open 2013 - Presentation of the new Puma Collection | by Willi K. Germany Travel Mart 2013 | by Willi K. Pictures: TAPS Photography @tapsmoments Achim Dengler @ad4photography ___